The thoughts expressed in these pages are done with the hope of inspiring others to pursue righteousness and experience the Joy and Peace that’s found in living a God-Centered, God First Life. No one lives life without trials, but everyone has the opportunity to be able to count it all joy if we are “In Christ” by doing God’s will according to God, Not man-kind. And that info is found in Scripture, not feelings. 

God is Good – God is Love – All the Time

We hope you find “encouragement” on these pages. Encouragement to do and take a stand for what is good and what is right, in the sight of God. It is our intent to post writings here that challenge and inspire self-reflection that leads to stronger personal convictions to study God’s Word and live according to the Word of God, rather than mankind’s ideas. 

We hope to help our readers recognize how scripture intertwines with our everyday life. How having a deeper understanding of God’s Word can help us cope with today’s world and current events. To see the difference between being in the world but not of the world and emphasize how important it is, to follow the teachings, precepts, examples, and commands of the God-breathed Words of Scripture so that we can do those things we find in Scripture that give us Internal Life in Heaven.

This world is but a pencil dot on the timeline of eternity and our choices decide how we spend the rest of eternity.


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