Excellent websites for study

  • Apologetic Press
    • For over 40 years, this non-profit, tax-exempt organization has been dedicated to the defense of New Testament Christianity. This is one of my favorite sites for articles, videos, and books on just about every topic.
  • In Search of the Lord’s Way
    • is a television outreach ministry that currently features brother Phil Sanders as the full-time speaker. I have personally listened to many of brother Sanders lessons. They have had a profound impact on my Christian life.
  • Global Broadcasting Network
    • GBN is a non-profit organization that provides Bible-based and unbiased resources from the Word of God seven days a week, 365 days a year, to teach and share with believers and potential believers.
  • Sound Bible Studies by Michael Gifford
    • is dedicated to the distribution of Bible-based study materials. The purpose of this site is to lead people closer to God through a study of His perfectly inspired message to mankind and through Bible-based exhortations. I personally know Michael and that his bible knowledge and love for others is exceptional.

Recommended Charities

  • Georgia Agape inc.
    • A faith-based, nationally accredited, not-for-profit social services organization that has been providing services since 1970. Agape is licensed as a “Child Placing Agency” by the Georgia Department of Human Resources and is accredited by COA (Council on Accreditation).
  • Right Steps –Susana Homes
    • Susana Homes consists of the residential facilities in Nigeria that receive children from birth to teens, rescuing them from a situation of being orphaned, destitute, or in some state of homelessness.
  • Tipton Children’s Home
    • I am personally aware of the good works done by the Tipton Children’s home. We have loved ones who have works as house parents here for many years.
  • Camp Inagahie
    • This is a wonderful camp! I was able to attend here a couple of times as a kid and loved every minute of it. Here, I grew as a person and created many great memories that have stayed with me throughout life.
Recommended by followers:


  • Churches in the shape of Scripture – Dan Chambers
    • I have both read and studied this book in a group setting. It’s all about showing God how much we love Him by doing our best to serve God, according to what we find in His Word. The Patterns for worship and life without adding or taking from God’s Word.
  • Muscle and a Shovel by Michael Shank
    • This story will grip you from opening to close and will stimulate your spirit on levels you didn’t think possible. Get ready to fight or flee because Muscle and a Shovel is one of those rare books that will raise your heart-rate and your blood pressure. You won’t want to wait to share it with your friends, or you’ll want to dowse it in gasoline and set it on fire! There’ll be no middle ground.  


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