Why include politics on a site entitled Advocate for Christ? 

When we fail to speak up for God, Satan is the only one planting and cultivating the land. – WRJ

Disciples of Christ are instructed by Jesus to “go into all the world”  we are told, Jesus came not to call the righteous, but the sinners. For Christians, Jesus is a part of our life all the time, every second of every day.  Satan himself probably coined the phrase: ”Don’t talk religion or politics” just to get us to shut up and, maybe, he did!

Think about it. We’ve been told:

“Don’t talk about religion or politics,” and we didn’t.  In our silence, we have watched prayer and the mention of God come under attack, and we said privately, oh, that’s terrible. We then watched as a few fought against acceptance, toleration, and apathy. As they attempted to protect our freedom to worship and include God in our daily lives. We watched as they were mocked for their efforts, and we reminded ourselves that “this world is not our home,” as if this thought was a reason not to be involved.

Instead, we thought, I hope they’re able to succeed in stopping this craziness; then, we changed the station and moved on.

But what did we do?

Did we speak or stay silent?


The seeds of truth need to be spread throughout this land, not just among those who already believe. We need the truth exemplified by our lives, and we need the truth of Scripture and accountability to God to be understood by all the world. Sadly and too often, the only time someone looks up to God is when they find themselves crawling in the mire of pigs. Here you will find posts that have to do with politics and the fundamentals of right and wrong in our choices.

“A Country without God is a Country lost, A Country with God, is a Country Blessed – WRJ


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