Making the right choices is not Rocket Science! Yet, we can make it seem that way in our efforts to justify bad decisions. As a result, we find ways to complicate the simple. Maybe, it’s to give ourselves an excuse when repercussions occur, or maybe, we are using the wrong standards.

By worldly standards, we are told, “if it feels good, do it” God’s Word tells us to love others as Christ loved us, to never give up on doing good. The Bible defines good; it lets us know what’s right and what’s wrong so we can choose to live a “good life,” a life where our repercussions bring love to others rather than pain.

Christ was all about doing God’s will and teaching us to do the same. Why? Because God’s will is what’s best for us. God knows that some choices will slowly lead us to self-consumption, where it’s all about us, our pleasures, and our desires. God knows that this mindset will harden our hearts and the turmoil that accompanies such selfishness.

God’s Word and following the teachings of Christ therein is the ultimate standard for living. Therefore, with God’s Word as our standard rather than worldly acceptance, the following is a simple question I have learned to ask myself when choosing to or not to do something. Is there more reason not to do it than to do it?

The answers are straightforward! Controlling our emotions and not giving in to momentary, fleeting feelings and selfish desires can be difficult. However, the more we train ourselves to seek righteousness by God’s standard, the less tempting those situations become.

We never need to regret making the right decision.

God First!