Why not choose to start each day with a houseful of smiles and laughter? It’s far better than a houseful of grumpy!

Why be grumpy? Do you yourself like being around grumpy people? If not, choose to replace grumpy with kindness, warm smiles, and thoughtfulness. Our attitude is a choice from morning light to the dead of night!

Why not strive to start each day with prayer, then bless your family and others with eyes of compassion, words of encouragement, and thoughtfulness the whole day through.

Be cheerful and kind no matter the time; after all, laughter is good for your soul; it’s good for theirs. Instead of grumpy, why not share the best you have to offer and brighten each other’s day with an attitude of joy, love, and gratitude for life, family, and friends.

Attitudes are contagious, is yours worth catching?