I find the book of Esther to be a very interesting story.

Although God is never mentioned by name, we find a great example of how God works through people to accomplish His purposes.

Unbeknownst to most involved at the time, it becomes very evident how several things come together to achieve God’s plan.

In this story, Esther had to make the decision not to be silent. She had to do what was right; this would require she risk her life. Mordecai pointed out if Esther chose silence, deliverance of the Jews would still come, but from another way. Through God’s Providence, we see evil and evil intent converted into justice for God’s people using Esther and Mordecai. (see Esther 1-10)

Who knows today how God is working through our lives to accomplish His purposes. In my mind, as long as we are pursuing good and willing to stand for righteousness, speaking up for Christ, showing our love for Him by keeping His commands, we offer ourselves as servants. Vessels to be used for God’s good purposes even when we never know it. We just can’t be afraid to speak up!

God is Great, God is good, God is love – ALL THE TIME

God First!