Why would you want to cheat yourself like that?

As I pondered this question, I realized that not taking advantage of Bible classes and Worship at every opportunity is cheating myself. This question prompted a positive change in my life. It led me, to pursue a stronger conviction of my priorities to truly, put God First. Not just through words but action.

God’s word is so powerful, we have so much to gain by hearing it, studying it, adopting it, and applying it to our lives and we cheat ourselves when we don’t.

It’s my hope you will also ponder this question because it’s not just you that’s affected. It’s those who know you and see your example. Your family and friends. It’s all who hear the truth you learned rather than recollections and speculation of things you’ve heard but don’t fully grasp.

When we engage in understanding the whole truth that is spoken in “God-breathed” scripture, when we actualu study and apply what we learn from our Heavenly Father we stop cheating ourselves and we stop cheating others. We became part of a grand solution.

Don’t cheat yourself!

Take advantage of every opportunity you can to learn more of what God, wants for us.

God First