• 1 hour – Sunday bible class
  • 1 hour – Sunday Worship
  • 1 hour – Sunday eve worship
  • 1 hour – Wednesday bible study
  • 1 hour – 1st and 3rd Thursday for a men’s bible study.

Above is my typical schedule for planned edification each month in bible classes and worship service. When you add travel and prep time, this calculates to around 7 % of my “awake” hours per month; this really surprised me. Does this number surprise you? I thought it would be greater than 7 %.

With the impact of the COVID-19 government restrictions, many who once had similar schedules now pray, worship, study, and partake in communion each week at home due to government guidelines and/or health concerns for themselves and others. For most, this is because they feel it necessary, not because they want to. Christians understand if we can’t gather with our brothers and sisters in Christ, our ability to edify one another is severely diminished; that is, our ability to be in-person examples and have others be our examples is hampered. Our ability to “go and do” (Matt 28:18-20). To personally share the message of God’s incredible love and Grace extended to every person suffer’s when we limit our interaction. So, we all look forward to soon being together again in-person at every opportunity.

The thought I’m really trying to convey is: How much time are we actually spending in honor and service to our creator? How much time are we utilizing to edify one another, study, and spread the message of Christ in normal times?

Suppose we can recite the Bible word for word and have a perfect understanding of it; what good does that do us if we do nothing with it? (see Matt. 25:14-30)

Are we doing the most with the time we have, or are we dangerously striving to do what we think is the bare minimum to be heaven bound?

In Luke 18, The rich young ruler kept the commandments of God, yet Jesus told him to give away all you have and follow me. The ruler’s heart was misplaced, and he went away sad, apparently unwilling to give his all. For us, our riches may be money, or maybe it’s how we prioritize our time.

We are so important to God!

Jesus gave EVERYTHING for us; How much effort are we willing to give Him? Rhetorically: What percentage of our precious time are we willing to spend on going and doing?

In love, God First!