We can plant seeds of evil or seeds of good. Some view social media as the devil’s playground because many abuse it. Some air their dirty laundry, some are disrespectful and hateful, some spread gossip and the list goes on and on.

I view Social media as farmland, farmland with equal opportunity to spread good seeds, good thoughts, praise, laughter, accolades, and the message of Christ. We can just as easily spread seeds that build each other up as we can spread the seeds of Satan.

We need to keep in mind the things we like, share, and say on these platforms are an extension of ourselves. Wouldn’t you love to see social media inundated with uplifting posts, shares, and likes by good people wanting to make positive change? It starts with us.

If we’re not planting good seeds in the farmland, the seeds of weeds Satan plants will take over the land.

God is good; let’s share the goodness!

God First!