The best life is a God First life

Why would you want to cheat yourself like that?

As I pondered my answer, I realized; this is exactly what we do when we don’t take advantage of opportunities to grow in Christ and build on our relationship with Him.

What happens when we make time to attend as many studies as possible? We draw closer to God, and He draws closer to us; we get to know God and fellow seekers of truth better and our actions demonstrate where our heart’s desire resides.

My heart’s desire once demonstrated my love for; time, eating, tennis, TV, relaxation, fun, laughter, etc. I made time for all these things because my heart’s desire once put them on a pedestal. During that period of life and without realizing it, I was not putting God First, but rather at My convenience.

In a discussion about not attending Sunday bible classes, Worship service, and other growth and edification opportunities such as Sunday evening or midweek bible studies, a friend asked me: Why would you want to cheat yourself like that?

As I thought about his question, I realized the validity of his point. That’s exactly what we do. If I don’t prioritize these opportunities, I’m cheating myself. But, that’s not all; I’m cheating others, starting with my family, those who may follow my lead or depend on me to get them to and from services. So, bottom line, I asked myself, What kind of example am I being?

By not prioritizing my attendance at every opportunity, am I not short-changing family, friends, and myself by not leading us toward spiritual growth? When we don’t attend, we miss out on knowledge, better understanding, fellowship, and growth opportunities. In addition, we miss out on being examples to others. Examples that demonstrate our gratitude, understanding, and belief that God should be first in our lives.

I now look forward to every opportunity to increase my understanding of Scripture and to grow through the uplifting unity of fellow believers by sharing and growing in the truth of Christ with one another.

If you are not attending at every opportunity, I offer this for your consideration…

Why would you want to cheat yourself like that?

God First!

I wrote most of this before the COVID-19 virus, which forced us into our homes to worship online. Yet, the point is still the same. Are we prioritizing our worship time and Bible study? Are we taking advantage of every opportunity for spiritual nourishment? Do our loved ones get to see our commitment by our actions? If not, Why would we want to cheat ourselves like that?


  1. Karen

    I strive to put God first daily, but I question myself sometimes. I don’t assemble, physically, with the saints right now due to illness, I don’t go anywhere so I consider my putting God first through social media, mainly FB.
    I try to encourage people to remember God and to turn to Him that we may be a Godly Nation again. I post prayers and scripture as often as I can, throughout each day.
    From time to time I find myself getting caught up in the internet, playing a game to strengthen my mind or wanting to watch a movie to escape this world.
    I appreciate this post and plan to use it to help me to stay focused, and to share it with others that we may be more aware of the works of the wicked one to give us all direction back to where we should be.
    Thank you, I pray I will be back often.

    • Wayne

      Karen, I am sorry that illness is keeping you from being able to attend, and I just prayed for your health to improve. I think it’s great that you try to encourage people on social media to include God in their lives. I also pray for our country and that more draw close to him again.

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