According to Thessalonians 5:17, we are to “Pray Continually” If we think about it, praying continually would mean we always include God in our decisions. Praying “prior” to making decisions (big or small), seeking “God’s will” be done rather than just doing “our will” and then praying God’s ok with it.”

When we make decisions, Do we pray for wisdom, help, and discernment before we make them? or only after we made them when we realize we need help with the results of our decision.

Is God’s will, Our will? Or, do we treat our will as if it should be, God’s will, and pray that he will help us with the repercussions of our decision?

For example, we buy a new car without praying that God helps us find the best car for our needs, then, after the fact, we find ourselves going to God praying for help on payments or repair. Of course, this is hypothetical, but maybe including God beforehand would put us into a vehicle we could afford without repairs we can’t afford.

God wants to hear from us, Pray often and pray for those things that would align with the heart of God.

( James 4:15)

God First!