Love is why many church building doors (not the Church) were temporarily closed this time last year.
————LOVE ———
No Christian wanted the doors closed, and we knew It was only temporary.
We asked ourselves, which one of us would volunteer to bury our parent, spouse, siblings, child, best friend, etc., as a result of NOT taking precautions? We took comfort in knowing that closing the building’s doors does not stop those “In Christ” from being ”The Church.”
It did not stop us from reaching out to say hello, letting others know we care or seeking how we can help others. It did not stop us from praying or sharing God’s Word through medians such as this or live streaming, among others. It did NOT stop us from remembering Christ’s death and resurrection on the first day of the week and partaking of the bread and fruit of the vine In remembrance of Christ’s body and blood as it was shed for us, doing so every week.
We still sang praises to God, shared the message of Christ, and continued to support our Congregation’s efforts to share God’s Word to the world financially.
While we were apart physically, we sorely missed the smiles, handshakes, hugs, and maybe most of all, engaging personally with the encouragement and active examples of our brothers and sisters in Christ who we faithfully see at every bible study and Worship service possible.
With all the challenges we faced while the church building doors were closed, many of our Christian siblings sought and found ways to continue edifying, lifting each other’s spirits, and sharing Christ during these difficult times.
Christians who vigorously showed all that “The Church” is alive and active 24/7 demonstrating the Love of Christ.
The Government established Covid-19 guidelines, and in adherence, the building doors re-opened as soon as possible. In Consideration of these guidelines and health concerns for themselves or others, People began to return to in-person Worship and study as they could.
With the introduction of the vaccine and Improved treatments, we get closer each day to life pre-covid and look forward to that day when everyone is together again. When we Worshiped from our homes, we did so out of Love. Love for God and love for others. We adhered to the Word of God concerning our responsibility towards governing authorities.
Maybe the real test in all this is whether we would each be ”The Church, ” no matter what, building or no building, and keep our priorities on God, First!
I love the Lord’s Church, Don’t you?
To help clarify. I posted the above article on a social media site and had some take exception to it so, In my opinion, Love for others is one of the main reasons many Church’s closed the building doors a year ago.
At this time, much of covid-19, how it was transmitted, how to treat it, how deadly was it, was very new and unknown. There was and still is a ton of misinformation regarding it.
I remember having and listening to discussions of concern for others, for their safety, especially those more susceptible.
Based on some of the comments I recived on the social media site, maybe some never did, but I classify these discussions and concerns for others as love. Love for others!
I believe since it is the second greatest command that it strongly played into the decisions of our elders’ at my congregation. 
I am not an elder or deacon, but I am confident the elders weighed the circumstances and all scripture very carefully and made the right decision.
I believe It was made out of love for God, God’s Word, and love for others.